Traditional Hindu Weddings 


We at Saffron offer Traditional Hindu wedding catering services that usually starts with welcome drinks , which are served as soon as the guests arrived and before the main meal is served there will be  appetizers and meal will start  with Sweet and traditional fried savories’ to all guest. It can comprise of traditional starter meals of the specific region the couple belongs to. This is followed by the main course meal. The main course meal usually contains four to five vegetable dishes, different types of Indian breads and south Indian items and followed with 2to 3 variety rice and ends up with white rice, Sambar ,rasam, buttermilk and payasam

Also we compliment with various salads and other condiments. The main course meal is strictly in accordance with the culture and region of the couple. It also comprises of traditional vegetarian  dishes. Saffron Caterers serves the meal which is the heaviest and grandest of all and showcases the best delicacies of any cuisine. 

After the primary meal is over, the guests are treated with desserts. Desserts are sweet items, which are served to ease the spicy and tingling taste of the meal. The sweet section comprises of traditional items depending upon the ethnicity of the families. However, the seasonal sweets and ice creams are always given preference. This is because they are liked by all owing to their universal popularity and appeal. Subsequently, the Indian wedding feast comes to an end with “Beeda”. This is prepared by stuffing a betel leaf with betel nuts, spices and sugar, according to taste.

Christian Weddings


Forget about the sleepless nights of anxiety of endless calculations and estimations of catering services for your Christian Wedding, Just give us a call and we will be right there besides you to give you various options that suits your budget. Our Christian marriage menu, ranging from varieties of Biriyani, the various style of rice and curry with mouth watering meat and fish dishes with fruit salads, ice cream or pudding providing the elegant final touches.

We explore all avenues of Catering Services to serve our guests. With dedicated professional and fully integrated expert master chefs specializing in cooking authentic Christian Wedding food. You never waste money rather you spend it for things that are worth the value at Saffron Caterers. The Menus that we offer are undoubtedly the best in terms of both quality and appeal and we on no account ask for more.


Muslim Weddings


When it comes to Muslim weddings we strictly use HALAL meats only and we sorce the meats from Muslim vendors who follow   HALAL process. Saffron always believes in taste, quality and choice because food is paramount among are guests. Our Catering team ensures to use high-quality ingredients to provide our customers with first class gourmet food experience that will leave your taste buds zinging for joy. We serve best non-vegetarian foods of all kinds of typical Muslim marriage. We have just one goal, and that is to make the event special.

Our Muslim Wedding menu offerings are extensive. Choose from a comprehensive list of dishes from our menu or request us to help you build a menu-plan which fits perfect for your event at an affordable price. We have amazing menu packages to cater for varying budgets and groups of all sizes.

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