Corporate Catering

Saffron Caterers has been into daily office catering since 2015 in Chennai. Saffron Caterers'both management and staff were in the Corporate Catering business  since 2000 and Saffron Caterers' believes that good, wholesome food consistently served  in a pleasant manner, in a good ambience, can bring about harmony at the workplace. To an employee, the cafeteria is a place of social interaction and a good meal enhances his feeling of well being. We see ourselves playing a crucial role in improving the satisfaction of employees and thus contributing to the success of our customer’s business. We therefore, take our responsibility rather seriously.

At Saffron Caterers hygiene and safety are given great importance so we have built our kitchen with high standards and we can proudly say our kitchen is one of the best in the corporate lunch segment in Chennai . Our hygiene team will be maintaining it with highest standards. Good quality raw material is a priority and is always sourced from very reliable vendors. As a policy, food is never re-cycled at any of our kitchens and leftovers are disposed off immediately. Insectocutors are provided in each one of our kitchens. Our cooks are put through an annual medical check -up and are certified food handlers. All our kitchen equipment and cooking ranges are made of stainless steel. Transportation of food to various locations is done in covered vans. FIFO (first in-first out) system is followed with regard to usage from the stores and in the freezer.



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